The firm

The law firm was established in 1977 by Lawyer Giorgio Frus – who has always dealt with labour law and civil law – with specific focus on providing assistance in litigation, also due to his scientific interests as Professor of Civil Procedural Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Turin.

In 1993 Lawyer Andrea Buchicchio joined the firm. His expertise is in the fields of labour law and social security legislation, tax law and civil law. Lawyer Marco Frus, who specialises in labour and commercial law, joined the firm in 2013, after gaining experience at another major law firm in Turin.

On 1st January 2015, this collaboration led to the establishment of the “Frus and Associates” Law Firm, which also relies on the professional relationship of counsel established with Lawyers Riccardo Michi e Laura Presti. The other members of “Frus and Associates” are Lawyers Marco Russo, Daniela Fraschini, Claudio Bechis, Ludovico Bosso, Giulia Zandrino, and Susanna Marta and Trainee Claudio Serra, Eleonora Santoro, Mattia Anselmo, and Simona Accardi.

We all work with great passion and are keenly aware of how valuable it is to have our Clients’ trust. We operate both in Italy and abroad, either in person or counting on trusted local colleagues when necessary. Any Client, be it a company or a private citizen, is followed by at least two professionals, in order to provide prompt answers and ensure year-round support.

We guarantee total commitment for what concerns both our extrajudicial consulting and support services and legal representation in court proceedings or arbitration when, failing all alternative solutions, litigation is no longer avoidable. We take into consideration each of our Clients’ needs and objectives in order to offer personalised services that are tailored to each case and to optimise times and costs. We illustrate the implications of any choice, we keep our Clients up to date with the developments of our actions and related costs, and we clarify, with transparency and promptness, any doubts they may have on any aspect of the professional relationship.

We have full professional liability insurance coverage through policies which have never been used before.