Labor law – Social security legislation.
Our Law Firm offers specific assistance and consultancy in labour law, trade union law, and social security legislation, including: definition of contract types, drafting of contracts, such as employment contracts (also for top-level managers and members of the board of directors), self-employment contracts, and continuous and coordinated collaboration contracts; modifications to contract terms (transfer, posting, changes in job description and contract type, allowances over basic pay, production bonuses, and other terms); salary, analysis and optimisation of its components, changes in amount and composition; drafting of non-competition agreements; working hours and related issues; supervision of workers and privacy; collective bargaining (with specific reference to the following sectors: metal working and mechanical engineering, energy, rubber and plastic, retail and services, telecommunications, insurance, banking, professional training, healthcare, multi-services, cooperatives, journalism, construction, transportation, tourism, managers in industries, banks, and the tertiary sector); demotions, rights to contract level modifications also due to the carrying out of higher-level tasks, discrimination and mobbing; disciplinary actions; individual dismissals; company reorganisation, outsourcing, personnel reduction, collective redundancies and transfer of company branches; agency relationships; tender contracts and related replacements and takeovers; safety in the workplace, accidents at work and occupational diseases; management of disputes regarding inspections and social security aspects; debt management and collection; management and protection of the entrepreneur’s assets.

Contracts, corporate and commercial law, intellectual property.
Our Law Firm assists its Clients in the preparation, drafting, and negotiation of commercial contracts, whether standard or non-standard, among which distribution, sale, tender, agency, licence, and lease contracts, as well as transfer and business leasing contracts. Our professionals provide support in the establishment and incorporation of companies, cooperatives, and associations of companies, as well as in the regulation of both internal relationships, among the partners and/or the various corporate bodies, and external relationships, such as settlement of extrajudicial disputes, negotiation and management of commercial agreements, competition and intellectual property matters, and management of debt collection disputes.

Judicial and arbitration disputes.
Our Law Firm protects the interests of its Clients in disputes concerning civil, labour, commercial, company, banking, bankruptcy, and private legal matters, as well as corporate and competition aspects. We operate across the national territory and abroad, at every stage of the proceedings and in all courts, including the right to appear before the Court of Cassation and Arbitration Boards, also relying on the technical knowledge and experience of some of their members who are professors of civil procedural law at the Law Department of the University of Turin.

Our Law Firm provides consultancies to enterprises concerning updates to laws and regulations and compliance with sector-specific rules, also through the modification of internal regulations and procedures.

Civil law, family law and succession law.
Our Law Firm supports its Clients in the management of all person and family-related matters, such as property planning and regulation between spouses, family crisis management, separation and divorce procedures, measures for the protection of individuals with limited autonomy and related property and inheritance matters, with specific focus on planning, in order to preserve assets and protect the heirs or bequest beneficiaries, concentrating in particular on tax issues. We also offer assistance in the protection of private property, ownership and property rights, and in relation to apartment complexes regulations and community of property.

Bankruptcy law and insolvency proceedings.
Consultancies and assistance in insolvency proceedings and debt restructuring, in the preparation and drafting of petitions for bankruptcy and composition as well as of applications for proof of debt in bankruptcy proceedings.

Tax law.
Our Law Firm assists its Clients in disputes with the Revenue Agency, also in court proceedings, and provides preliminary consultancies on national tax law issues.

Banking law.

Consultancies and assistance in banking law, in disputes concerning usury and compound interest, compliance with brokerage regulations, blocking of credit lines for illegitimate reports to the Italian Central Credit Register, and any other aspect of the relationships between banking institutions and their clients.